I recently had my annual a/c service done, and the technician who did the service, Keith, was no question the most professional, honest, hard working person I’ve ever had come to my home. After servicing the unit in the attic, and changing the filter, he headed to the compressor outside. Upon opening up the front door, he noticed that the inside was dirty. He asked if there was a water spicket near the compressor. It’s a condo, so I told him I didn’t think so. I told him there was a hose in the back of the house, and that I could drag the hose through the window. I went outside, and just as I was unraveling the hose, Keith was immediately inside with drop clothes and another, dry hose to hook up to the outside one. I then watched him through the window as he was putting the front panel back on the compressor. It wasn’t sitting right, so the screws wouldn’t go back in. Someone else would have simply left the screws off and made the panel look as secure as possible. But Keith maneuvered it around, until the screws fit. It’s a shame that Keith is the exception in this, or any home service field. While I compliment his employer that trained him, one can’t lose sight of a worker’s innate traits. It took only a few seconds for him to bring in the dry hose and the drop close, and a few more to get the panel back on correctly. Thank you to myavtoblog.ru for employing a true professional.
~ Josh, Tarrytown

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