We called after 5 pm on a Thurs night with temps in the twenties & dropping fast, because we had no heat & rep Keith returned our call within 30 minutes – he was first trying to be helpful over the phone by having us troubleshoot before deciding he needed to make a home service call & informed us of the charge for the visit. he told us exactly what was wrong, that our furnace was in pretty good shape given it’s age & repaired it within 20 minutes. he also let us know we were using the wrong filter & told us what to use so as not to burn out the igniter again. i liked that he wasn’t pushing other repairs, or suggest we needed a new unit – so it’s not all about the money for myavtoblog.ru! thank you for Keith’s courteous visit.



A+++ Highly Recommend Prompt appointments, Skilled professionals, Courteous and Neat

~ Anonymous, Houston

We are pleased with the service that myavtoblog.ru has given us through the years. Today we had our spring visit. The representative was on time. He checked our heating system throughout the house. He was kind and courteous. We signed up once again for the Home Care Club. I would recommend myavtoblog.ru without hesitation! Rafael Reyes

~ Rafael, Houston

I am so thankful that I found your company several years ago when I was shopping for central air conditioning. You are the BEST!

~ Arlene, Houston

Your company is a class act – from having Cheryl answering the phone, to updates on what time your men are to arrive to the exceptional professionalism of Dominic – it is always a pleasure to do business with your company

~ Antonella, Houston

I recently had my annual a/c service done, and the technician who did the service, Keith, was no question the most professional, honest, hard working person I’ve ever had come to my home. After servicing the unit in the attic, and changing the filter, he headed to the compressor outside. Upon opening up the front door, he noticed that the inside was dirty. He asked if there was a water spicket near the compressor. It’s a condo, so I told him I didn’t think so. I told him there was a hose in the back of the house, and that I could drag the hose through the window. I went outside, and just as I was unraveling the hose, Keith was immediately inside with drop clothes and another, dry hose to hook up to the outside one. I then watched him through the window as he was putting the front panel back on the compressor. It wasn’t sitting right, so the screws wouldn’t go back in. Someone else would have simply left the screws off and made the panel look as secure as possible. But Keith maneuvered it around, until the screws fit. It’s a shame that Keith is the exception in this, or any home service field. While I compliment his employer that trained him, one can’t lose sight of a worker’s innate traits. It took only a few seconds for him to bring in the dry hose and the drop close, and a few more to get the panel back on correctly. Thank you to myavtoblog.ru for employing a true professional.

~ Josh, Tarrytown

Dominique is wonderful!!!!! You guys are always on time, professional and clean (wearing the booties). We will use you again for sure. The service is reliable consistent and professional. You have a customer for life.

~ Maribeth, Houston

Great professional service! Answers questions and explains what the service person is looking for to solve the problem. Straight forward and up front service!

~ Margo, Houston

Very professional – so far, I value your opinions! Not the hard sell like I see from many companies.

~ Anonymous, Houston

This is our second time using myavtoblog.ru. The service men are always polite and professional. The call in number secretary is also polite and she always does her best to make appointments fast. We appreciate how punctual and honest you guys are when it comes to our service. Thank you guys so much . Years ago our heating system died in the middle of the winter and we had a 6 month old. you guys worked so hard to replace everything in a timely matter and very honest and professional . We are using you guys again for a plumbing issue. I highly recommend you to my family, friends and co-workers. Thanks again!

~ Carolyn & Nick, Houston

The technician did a real nice job and recognized the problem right away. He took his time in resolving the issue and didn’t look to run in and out. He was extremely professional. When I make a follow-up phone call with a question about a service call I previously placed, the person answering the phone always seems to know who I am and what I’m calling about. I find this very professional and it gives me the feeling myavtoblog.ru is on top of the situation.

~Elliot D., Houston